House Mentor; radon and mold testing in the Detroit area.


Matt Bezanson, "retired" home inspector,
formerly of Sherlock Homes Inspection, Ltd.  

I began inspecting homes in the Detroit area in 1984.  The firm Sherlock Homes Inspection, Ltd. was established in 1989.  After more than 3 decades of inspecting, I've decided to hang up my ladder.  Some might call this "retirement", but I just can't quit completely.  

The Michigan Corporation Sherlock Homes Inspection, Ltd. is permanently closed.  

The more technical aspects of building inspection have always been the most fascinating to me.  So even though I don't do full home inspections now, I continue to do mold, radon and other environmental testing.  My new business entity is House Mentor, LLC.  The WebSite is  The phone number 248-585-8584 is unchanged, as is the email address, [email protected].   

So for Indoor Air Quality questions, like mold, radon and VOC's,  call 248-585-8585.  For general house advice and philosophy, and maybe some good maintenance reminders, check out the blog at