What does that house need to be a safe, comfortable home for your family? The home-buying process involves a lot of tough decisions. The more knowledge you have, the better you'll feel about the decisions you make! Sherlock Homes Inspection Ltd. provides interactive, educational home inspection services. Our knowledge, based on over 25 years of professional home inspection, becomes your power to make wise choices!

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Homeowner education begins with a good inspection!

What is the best way to schedule a home inspection?

By choosing your inspector early, when you begin shopping for a home, you can screen inspectors before the clock starts ticking on your contingency period. Call your selected company as soon as you are notified that your offer has been accepted. Most home inspection firms try to work around your schedule to create an appointment time that is convenient for you, but this is not always feasible. An inspection must begin during daylight hours, and usually takes 2-4 hours. Since many home buyers request late afternoon and weekend appointments, these times usually book up first. If you can be available during normal business hours, it will be easier to get the inspector of your choice during your contingency period.

How much difference could there be anyway? 

A tremendous difference!  The worst inspectors are part-timers who have a little training, some experience in a related field, and a good advertising campaign.  They tend to use a check-list approach, and may have difficulty relating their findings in a way that is useful to you.  The less experience and training an inspector has, the greater the chance of missing something important.

For the best inspectors, this is a full-time profession. They work constantly to improve their understanding of how all the structural and mechanical aspects of a building relate to each other, and to keep abreast of developments in the building trades. They broaden their knowledge whenever possible, yet appreciate that all the knowledge is useless if their findings aren't clearly communicated to you.

This is your opportunity to learn all about this house - whether its condition is typical for this area or age or style, what may be needed in the way of maintenance, which problems are urgent and which are trivial.  For example, are you wondering about that old boiler? How is it different from the heating system in your present home?  What kind of efficiency is it likely to yield?  Does it have unusual maintenance needs?  What is its expected lifespan?  A good home inspector will have the answers, or know where to find them!

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